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International litigation

The share of cross-border relations in business is steadily growing year by year. This is not only the relationship between counterparties from different jurisdictions. Often companies create a cross-border corporate structure to optimize taxation. Sometimes unscrupulous contractors use foreign companies to extract assets.

It is extremely important to select a qualified lawyer to represent interests in cross-border disputes.

Alexey Seredin managing partner

Alexey Seredin

Managing partner

What can we offer?
  • Repersentation in Russian courts in cases complicated by a foreign element
  • Search and negotiation with foreign law firms
  • Enforcement of decisions of foreign courts in the territory of the Russian Federation
  • Enforcement of foreign court orders
  • Advising foreign lawyers on the issue of Russian law
  • Obtaining legal opinions of foreign lawyers for Russian courts
  • Adoption of interim measures by foreign courts
Reasons to work with us

We work only in the field of dispute resolution and we know their specifics.

Work on results

We understand that the client is interested in solving the problem, and not just the process.


Always in touch with you, we inform you about the changes in the situation.


We are not limited to formal litigation, but we are always looking for alternative solutions.