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Domestic (Russian) litigation

Almost always, entering into a contractual relationship, legal entities hope that they will be able to avoid litigation in the arbitration court. But still disputes happen, and they are not uncommon.

And so, you decided to file a lawsuit. What to do?

Someone thinks that he can lead the process himself, and he does not need an arbitration lawyer. Sometimes this is the right decision, but not always.

Reperesentation in court is a very specific area of ​​jurisprudence. The process does not forgive mistakes and will not give you a second chance to fix them. It is extremely important to entrust the matter to a professional who knows all the pitfalls of working with arbitration courts, chooses the right strategy, and leads your case to victory.

Alexey Seredin managing partner

Alexey Seredin

Managing partner

Work on results

We are flexible in payment conditions — work for a fixed advance or for a success fee. Most people choose a success fee. And we believe that this is the most a fair condition for cooperation.

We are not afraid of difficult cases and even like such things. We clearly know how to act to win for you.

What kind of disputes do we deal with?
  • Construction disputes
  • Energy disputes
  • Disputes from leasing agreements
  • Corporate disputes
  • Disputes with state bodies
  • Disputes on public procurement
  • Challenging asset recovery deals
  • Debt collection
  • Disputes from supply contracts
  • Real estate disputes
Reasons to work with us

We work only in the field of dispute resolution and we know their specifics.

Work on results

We understand that the client is interested in solving the problem, and not just the process.


Always in touch with you, we inform you about the changes in the situation.


We are not limited to formal litigation, but we are always looking for alternative solutions.