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Peaceful settlement of disputes

The best way to resolve a dispute is to resolve it before the trial.

It happens that opponents basically do not want to negotiate. But it is not always the case. The judicial dispute often provides an opportunity to eliminate disagreements of counterparties, and does not break the relationship between them. In this case, the resolution of the dispute by peaceful means will be very effective for both sides.

Want to settle the dispute before the trial? We will help.

Alexey Seredin managing partner

Alexey Seredin

Managing partner

How can we help?
  • Negotiate with your counterparty
  • Prepare and approve the settlement agreement
Reasons to work with us

We work only in the field of dispute resolution and we know their specifics.

Work on results

We understand that the client is interested in solving the problem, and not just the process.


Always in touch with you, we inform you about the changes in the situation.


We are not limited to formal litigation, but we are always looking for alternative solutions.